Following the repeal, by Decreto Legge of 24th January 2012 no 1 (art. 9), regarding tariffs for the liberal professions, fees for professional services are agreed between the client and the professional, whilst at the same time bearing in mind that “in all cases, payment, the details of which must be communicated to the client in writing if the latter so wishes, is to be appropriate to the importance of the work; it must be negotiated stating for each item a breakdown of costs, including expenses, charges and contributions (DLI/12 art. 9 c. 3)” as well as “according to the dignity of the profession” (art. 2233 Civil Code).

  • Surveys

    With laser distance meter.

  • Digital graphic mapping

    On paper and/or digital support.

  • Consultancy

    Feasibility studies.

  • Project design

    scheme and detailed design, interior design; renovating of apartments and commercial locations; recovery of attic space; custom made furnitures; building maintenance.
    That’s ok, but into practice?

  • Bill of materials and quantities list

    Detailed estimated and specifications.

  • Clerk of works

  • Local authority files

    Declaration of start of work on site; planning permission.

  • Files on tax deductions

    IRPEF deduction for renovation and for energy conservation.

  • Safety on site building

    Safety and coordination plans: coordinator during the project and execution phases.

  • Fire prevention measures

    File VVFF- law 818/84 – CIPI.

  • Archive research

    On buildings and gardens – historical or not – research in public and private archives to support the project plan.