A successful project demands a detailed initial assessment of all its administrative, technical and aesthetic aspects. This is a precise program and the different steps are:
  1. studi preliminari

    Preliminary examination and main lines of project

    1. Meetings with the client and preparation of a file where desiderata and budget are defined
    2. On-spot investigation and survey of the site
    3. Scheme design, with scale drawings, sketches and comments
    4. Cost estimation of the works
    5. Signature of the privacy statement
  2. progetto esecutivo

    Execution of project

    1. Detailed executive project with precise technical data
    2. Specific technical drawings (plans, elevations, cross-sections, details) required for realization of the project
    3. Bill of materials and quantities list: detailed description of works and materials to be used; quantity of materials, procedures for their use;
    4. Identification of contractors, suppliers and artisans
    5. Examination of the offers of three contractors and comparative evaluation
    6. Works time schedule
    7. Local authority files
    8. Files on tax deduction where applicable
  3. direzione lavori

    Management of works

    1. Start of work on site
    2. Regular coordination between contractors, suppliers and artisans
    3. Regular site inspections on request for those mainly involved (contractors, suppliers, artisans, client)
    4. Contingency management
    5. Regular up-dating of clients on progress of works
  4. chiusura lavori

    Completion of works

    1. Completion of works file to the local authority
    2. Updating, where applicable, of the land registry entry